With the cost of living crisis in full swing and the price of fuel expected to hit £2 per litre this summer for the first time ever the average car will cost more than £100 to fill.

That means that as fuel prices continue to break records many of us will struggle to afford to fill our tanks – and little savings will go a long way.

cost of fuel

Not only are we facing paying more at the pump, but we’re paying more for everyday goods and heating our homes too.

Two thirds of adults in Britain have reported their cost of living has increased, with growing energy prices seriously impacting those with lower incomes.

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So, if you’re looking for easy ways to cut the cost of fuel in this collaborative post here are five simple – and free! – tips.

5 simple ways to cut the cost of fuel

1. Drive more economically

Driving more economically can help make your fuel last longer and therefore, reduce the amount of times you’ll have to fill up your car. Driving smoothly and avoiding unnecessarily harsh braking will help improve efficiency.

cost of fuel

2. Change gears early

Changing gears early can help to reduce fuel consumption, with many cars now having a gear-shift indicator to tell you which gear to drive in and what makes your car the most economical.

cost of fuel

3. Buy a used car instead of a new one

If you’re currently in the process of looking to purchase a new vehicle, perhaps opt for a used car over a brand new one. Used cars are often cheaper and most dealerships offer a warranty if anything were to go wrong.

cost of fuel

4. Walk or cycle instead of driving short distances

If you commute to work, maybe consider trying alternative methods to get there. Could you walk or bike to work? Is it cheaper to get the bus now than to fill your car with fuel? Using your car less overall will save those frequent trips to the petrol station.

cost of fuel

5. Turn off the air-con

Did you know that using the air-con in your car can increase fuel consumption by as much as 25%? If you’re driving under 60 mph switch off the air-con and open the windows instead – simple!

cost of fuel

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