Did you know that an updated bathroom can add up to 5% to the value of your home?

If you’re reading this because you’re on the hunt for the latest bathroom trends and are in need of some bathroom inspo, this post is for you!

bathroom trends

Whether you’re sprucing up your bathroom or completely revamping it, experts agree a new or updated bathroom is one of the 10 best ways to add value to your property.

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From installing the latest hi-tech gadgets to simple swaps, in this collaborative post we have a look at five of the top bathroom trends for 2022.

5 top bathroom trends for 2022

1. Japandi

The emerging trend first hit the headlines in 2021 and put simply, Japandi is the merging of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Think modern and minimalist features (Scandinavian) combined with elegant and subtle design (Japanese) and you’re there. Japandi bathroom features include earthy colour palates, low key lighting, minimal accessories and statement tiles.

bathroom trends

2. Steam shower cabins

If you love a gadget you’ll love a steam shower cabin with the luxury of its own spa-like steam generator. Instead of using hot water a steam shower like the Insignia steam shower uses a steam generator to generate humidifying steam. Health benefits of a steam shower include relieving stiff joints, boosting metabolism, easing asthma, and relaxation. What’s more, installing a steam shower could significantly increase the value of your home: research shows properties boasting a steam shower can earn a 29% higher sale price than a property without.

bathroom trends

3. Bringing the outside in

Living walls and artificial greenery aren’t just for living rooms and bedrooms: they’re for bathrooms too. Whether your bathroom is big enough to house a separate bath and shower or is more bijou you can transform it into a spa-like experience with the simple addition of spider plants, ferns and even bamboo.

bathroom trends

4. Patterned tiles

From Victorian inspired designs to ‘kit kat’ mosaic tiles our love affair with tiling continues into 2022. Statement tiling adds depth and a focal point to a bathroom design, and by opting for heritage or period styles it will also stand the test of time. We redid our bathroom in 2018 and in hindsight I wish I’d been brave enough to go for bright bold tiles on the floor!

bathroom trends

5. The spathroom

Thanks to the evolution of high performance steam shower cabins and the ongoing trend for green and bringing the outside in spa-inspired bathrooms have never been more popular. Getting a spathroom look doesn’t have to break the bank either – think thick fluffy towels and scented candles and you’re half way there!

bathroom trends

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