Did you know it’s recommended to introduce your baby to drinking from an open cup from around six months onwards?

And that tooth decay in children’s front milk teeth is often associated with certain drinking habits?

baby teeth

As a mum of three I know there’s so much to think about when it comes to weaning, from when to start, what to give them, and how to keep them happy and healthy in the process.

Knowing what’s best can feel overwhelming, especially if you’ve never been down the weaning route before, and especially when the powers that be seem to change the advice all the time.

So, we’ve teamed up with Doidy Weaning (the makers of that slanted baby cup) and Dr Jemma Hook, aka The Mummy Dentist, to share 5 weaning tips for happy and healthy baby teeth – and there’s the chance to win one of three Doidy weaning sets too!

5 weaning tips for happy & healthy baby teeth

1. Introduce your baby to drinking from an open cup from around six months onwards

“Early introduction and following guidance about baby’s liquid intake can help to establish good feeding preferences,” says Dr Jemma. “It encourages a sipping action (rather than sucking), which is good for promoting jaw development. It also prevents liquids from pooling around the upper front teeth and helps your baby practice their fine motor skills.”

baby teeth

2. Don’t worry about the mess

“The main concern parents have with infants using open cups is – the mess!” Dr Jemma says. “Firstly, weaning is always going to be a messy time and it’s actually a key part of how a baby engages with food stuffs: the sensory experience of ‘playing with their food’ helps them to learn about new textures and flavours. An open (or free-flow) cup is preferred by dentists and other health professionals, as opposed to a spouted or sippy cup, for the properties described above.”

baby teeth

3. Open cups help babies refine their grip

“By introducing an open cup during the weaning process a baby will experiment and refine their grip and the dexterity needed to drink effectively,” Dr Jemma says. “Using a small amount of liquid in the beginning means that the cup won’t be overloaded or too heavy to lift.” (Here’s the youngest with her’s – she loved it!)

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Did you know that formula fed babies are more likely to need extra water when it’s hot because breast milk adapts to a baby’s needs & formula doesn’t? And that after six months of age a baby should be given drinks in an open cup, not through a teat or spout? As the heatwave continues I asked the experts at @doidycupinternational for the lowdown on how to keep your baby hydrated in hot weather & despite being a mum of 3 there are still things I didn’t know! Their expert advice is over on the blog today – & there’s also the chance to win one of 4 glittery Doidy Cups – link in bio! #baby #babies #happybaby #nourish #health #childhood #childhoodunplugged #motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #rawmotherhood #babyhealth #breastfeeding #breastfedbaby #parentingtips #win #prize #competition #giveaway

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4. Know what type of drink you should offer

“An infant under 12 months should only be given plain water or their usual milk (breast or formula) to drink,” says Dr Jemma. “Whole cows’ milk can be given as a drink from age one (but used in cooking from six months) and try to avoid giving little ones fruit squash or cordial as it contains free sugars which can easily damage baby tooth enamel. Obviously, any sort of fizzy pop drink should not be given to young children or infants.”

baby teeth

5. Bottle-feeding should be discouraged from age one onwards

“We know that early childhood is such a key time for establishing healthy eating and drinking habits,” Dr Jemma says. “The latest advice by Public Health England reviewed evidence and reiterated the message that from six months of age infants should be introduced to drinking from a free-flow cup.”

baby teeth

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Are you in the throes of weaning at the moment? Have you come across Doidy cups and bowls before, and do you have any weaning tips to add?

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