Did you know UK pet owners now take more pictures of their pets than they do their own family?

For many of us our pets are the apple of our eye, and we have a multitude of photos on smart phones and devices to prove it.

pet pictures

Of course, it’s natural to want to share these photographs with the world, but there’s no need to be limited to sharing them on social media.

On-demand printing websites will allow you to create shirts, hats, personalized hoodies and novelty items with images of your favourite four-legged family member. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

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If you’re looking for fun ways to display your pet pictures, or are on the hunt for the perfect pet-related gift, this collaborative post shares 6 fun ways to display your pet pictures.

6 fun ways to display your pet pictures

1. Coffee mugs

A coffee mug with a dog or cat picture on is an amazing way to honour your pet. Everyone in your family will want one, and you don’t have to worry about things like knowing everyone’s size the way you would with clothes. On-demand websites have tools that allow you to add lettering to a cup or shirt. You can put your pet’s name under their image, or you could put a clever comment that your pet might make if they could talk.

2. T-shirts & hoodies

A t-shirt is a great way to show off your beautiful pet to the world. Most on-demand websites will have a large selection of shirts to choose from. When you use an on-demand website, each person who wants a fun souvenir of your dog can select their style of shirt. If you have taken a particularly professional-looking picture of an animal, you may even be able to sell the shirt. 

pet pictures

3. Posters

A beautiful poster of a favourite pet is a great way to liven up a room. If you have relatives or friends who are big fans of your dog, they may even want a copy of the poster for themselves too. A poster isn’t costly and will last for years. If you have a furry friend who has passed away, a poster is also a great way to memorialise them. 

4. Embroidered designs

Photographs are not the only kind of images that you can use. If you have drawings of your pet you can use those as well. The best on-demand companies will have computerised embroidery machines that can stitch a perfect image of your pet. This is a great value solution, because if you were to buy one of these machines it would be very expensive. Embroidered designs look best on hats, hoodies, tote bags, and throw blankets. Although it’s a little more costly, embroidery is eye-catching and long-lasting.

pet pictures

5. Blankets 

One of the most lavish items you can purchase from an on-demand printer is a big velvet blanket with an image of your choice on it. For example, your pet could look regal on a bedspread. Select a very clear picture when you create a blanket, and choose a colour that compliments your pet’s markings and colours.

6. Holiday cards

Nothing says holiday time like an image of a dog or cat in front of a pile of presents. Your pet will look adorable in a Santa hat or reindeer ears on the front of your holiday card. So many people buy mass-produced cards that they can get lost among the many greetings people get during the holidays. An image of your favourite pet is more likely to be displayed in a prominent place and remembered forever. 

pet pictures

This is a collaborative post.

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