After umming and ahhing about whether we should take BB to her great granddad’s funeral, it was the day in question this week. In the end we did take her, but not into the service itself. I stayed outside with both BB and Little B and we walked around the garden of remembrance at the crematorium. There were spring flowers everywhere, and I took this shot which I later realised has BB – her great granddad’s legacy – in the background. After the funeral, just as everyone had filed out, a pair of Canada Geese who had been strutting their stuff on the lawn suddenly flapped their wings and took off, soaring away into the sky. A few of us noticed and watched them go, and if I was one of those people who believes in ‘signs’, like spirits flicking lights on and off and stopping clocks to let their loved ones know they’re there, I would have said it was a sign: great granny and granddad reunited and together at last. I wasn’t the only one who thought that either, because I heard someone say ‘there they go then’.


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