Eat, drink and be merry.

When it comes to Christmas that’s the mantra I live by, which is fine – until January rolls around.

ways to feel better

Come Christmas – at the end of a busy year and with the prospect of a few days off – you’re pretty much guaranteed to find me with a glass of prosecco in my hand – whether we’re socialising or whether we’re not.

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*Boxing Day* Anyone else love Boxing Day as much if not more than Christmas Day itself or is it just me? The presents have been opened the food has been cooked & you no longer care about the gazillion pine needles all over the carpet Forget the Boxing Day blues, if you ask me Boxing Day is the best day of Christmas: the pressure is off & today it finally feels like I’m on holiday So I’m putting my feet up, raising a glass of this & wishing everyone a Merry Boxing Day – cheers #happy #holidayvibes #boxingday #christmas #ootd #mama #mummy #mum #motherhood #motherhoodhunplugged #honestmotherhood #capturingmotherhood #myhappycapture #oureverydaymoments #documentyourdays #coolmumclub #snaphappybritmums @britmums

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The thing is though, a mulled wine here, a cheeky sherry there, a glass of prosecco – or three: it all adds up.

So, how can you put the festive season behind you and start the new year as you mean to go on? With the new year on the horizon Harley Street hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb shares 8 ways to feel better after a boozy Christmas.

8 ways to feel better after a boozy Christmas

1. Sort out your routine. “If every night you come home after work and reach for a glass of wine, it’s time to change things up,” Fiona says. “Avoid the kitchen for an hour when you get back, and don’t keep wine in the house.”

2. Find other ways to have fun. “If you’re a social drinker, now’s a great opportunity to pick up some new hobbies that don’t revolve around or involve drinking,” says Fiona. “Find a buddy and go to a yoga class, join an art group, or attend a sober rave (yes, such things do exist!)”

ways to feel better

3. Build up your self-confidence. “Many people drink to deal with social awkwardness or out of what they perceive as obligation,” she says. “You need to learn to feel comfortable and relaxed around others without the need for a mind-altering substance, and that means working on your confidence and self-esteem.”

4. Prioritise your mental health. “A lot of people lack the ability to manage the overwhelming feeling of having too much going on, resorting to drinking,” Fiona says. “Instead, try natural mood-lifters such as having a bath or going for a run.”

ways to feel better

5. Try something new. “Non-alcoholic drinks don’t need to be boring, so find other beverages to enjoy when you’re out and about,” she says. “For starters, try experimenting with different mocktails and teas.”

6. Don’t overthink it. “Being sober isn’t a punishment, and you aren’t missing out by not drinking,” says Fiona. “The more we feel deprived of something, the more we crave it. I teach clients to relax around alcohol as if it were any other drink.”

ways to feel better

7. Stand your ground. “Practise being assertive, not only with yourself but with others,” she says. “Get good at saying no.”

8. Ask why you’re drinking. “Many people drink to forget the past or numb painful feelings. In the long run, it doesn’t work; in fact, it’ll only make you feel worse,” Fiona warns. “If you find yourself in this situation, it might be time to get help dealing with those past events and processing them fully so you can move forward.”

ways to feel better

Do you like a drink – or two – at Christmas? Do you try and make January a detox month? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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