Nine! That’s how old Confessions of a Crummy Mummy is this week – and what a nine years writing a mummy blog it’s been!

If you’d told me in January 2013 that I’d be a mum of four and I’d still be blogging almost a decade later I simply wouldn’t have believed you – yet here we are!

Looking back over those nine years there have been so many highlights, but after writing and publishing Confessions of a Crummy Mummy – The Baby Years in 2021 the last year has to have been the best yet, in spite of lockdown and the pandemic!

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So, to mark my ninth ‘blogiversary’ I thought it would be fun share nine things I wish I’d known about starting a mummy blog!

9 things I wish I’d known about starting a mummy blog

1. Blogging isn’t dead

I’ve heard the phrase ‘blogging is dead’ ever since I started blogging in 2013, but on the contrary blogging is still very much a thing! Of course bloggers and their blogs come and go, but just as many bloggers and blogs have stood the test of time and continue to grow. Don’t let the naysayers put you off – if you want to start a blog, do it!

2. Blogging IS a proper job

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! I might not be retiring on the proceeds any time soon but blogging quite literally puts food on our table and it’s also helped me become a published author in the past year. And if that isn’t a recognised job title, then I don’t know what is!

3. A blog is a bit like having an extra child

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: running a blog is a bit like having an extra child. One that needs constantly feeding, watering and changing because it won’t look after itself!

4. You’ll protect your blog as you would a child

In fact, it’s funny how fiercely protective you can get about your blog and its content. As a result, when it comes to sponsored and guest posts, there is certain content I won’t accept, such as anything with an adult theme that isn’t relevant to the content of the blog or my readers.

mummy blog

5. There’s no such thing as a freebie

They say nothing in life is free, and when it comes to blogging the old adage is very definitely true! The misconception that a perk of blogging means getting lots of free stuff is simply false – in return a blogger is spending valuable time and skills photographing, editing, writing, and uploading content about that ‘free stuff’ in order to share it with their audience.

6. Bloggers are queens (and kings!) of multi-tasking

Until I started blogging I didn’t appreciate just how many hats a blogger has to wear all at the same time. From content creator to editor to social media manager to photographer to director to proof reader – the list of skills required goes on and on!

mummy blog

7. People can get very Judgey McJudgeface about blogging

Especially people who don’t agree with sharing details about your personal life online. I’m all for a healthy debate but there’s no point getting into an argument about it. It’s their problem, not yours.

8. Never read the comments

I don’t mean the comments on your posts (you definitely want to read those!) I mean if anything you write about is picked up by certain media outlets it’s probably best not to read the comments. Unless you’ve got a very thick skin. I’ve discovered through bitter experience that the types of people commenting on these stories not only have too much time on their hands, but a keyboard to hide behind too. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

9. When it comes to blogging I might be on borrowed time

Bluebell turns 11 this year and I know it’s probably only a matter of time until she decides she doesn’t want to be involved in my blog anymore. At the moment she loves it, but she’s also fast becoming a tween so I’m bracing myself for the day she doesn’t want to be included. Of course, time will tell – so watch this space!

Do you write a blog or are you thinking of starting one? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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