UK biometric passport on pile of Euro currencyAs if paying twenty quid for free European Health Insurance Cards wasn’t bad enough, a problem with BB’s passport application has meant withdrawing the application, losing the fee, and an impromptu trip to the London passport office to pay twice as much for the same thing. At rush hour.

It was the only way to get her passport processed in time for our holiday, and is not a trip I recommend. After traipsing up to London and making it to the office on time, BB decided to unleash a poonami just as we were called up to the counter. A real gooey, leaky stinker. There was nothing I could do about it; we couldn’t miss the appointment.

Having triple checked we had all the necessary documents, including two photographs which my doctor friend helpfully signed both of ‘just in case’, it transpired the reason they only ask you to sign one is because the pen can show through the photo when processed into the passport.

Which meant getting another set done in the booth outside. Easier said than done. Think trying to get a toddler’s head within the guidelines of a dedicated circle in a confined space with a seat that won’t adjust while making sure no part of you is in the picture at all.

The mission was eventually accomplished, and the nappy finally changed, but I tell you what. I need a holiday…