Cute cute headbandNow I’m not normally a fan of headbands on babies – I don’t really see the point, especially when they don’t have any hair – but check this out (pictured). This super duper little number from Cute Cute landed on our doormat on Friday and I’m in love.

Forget plastic or fabric covered metal, this one is made from the softest lace, boasts a glittery pink rose and is about as Downton Abbey as you can get. Needless to say my little rose adores it, and it’s been round her head ever since. It even fits round my head, and as Misery Guts unhelpfully pointed out, it would also make a great garter (for me, not BB, of course).

Apparently, according to those in the know, 1920s Gatsby inspired weddings are the thing this year, and this headband would be perfect. It’s just a shame we haven’t been invited to one. Even so, something tells me we might be about to start another collection (don’t mention the shoes). Of course Misery Guts will ask what’s the point, but why does there always have to be point?

The point is, there is no point. They’re just cute cute cute.