With the weather getting warmer, it means that summer is only a matter of weeks away. It’s time to say goodbye to your cozy sweaters and say hello to summer fashion!

Even though trends change every season, it can feel like summer fashion is the same rotation of seasonal staples.

summer shapewear

Tank tops, jeans and swimsuits are the items that will be hanging around all summer long. But did you know that you can actually include shapewear as another of your summer staples?

Don’t squeeze, shape! Summer shapewear

Shapewear is shaping garment that you can wear in any season, including summer. It has developed with all the innovations that allow you to wear it both as an undergarment and outerwear. It also makes shapewear versatile for various occasions. There is a wide variety of shapewear on sale for summer, from tummy control bodysuits to built-in shaper dresses. They not only slim your silhouette but also elevate your style at the same time.

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4 of the best summer shapewear options for 2024

How should summer shapewear be? Shapewear is made from compressed fabrics, and thus, it hugs your body firmly. The challenge is finding the right shapewear to wear. You have to pay more attention to the material to get a comfortable one. Summer shapewear should not squeeze but shape your body comfortably. High-elastic materials are the key to balancing sculpting features and comfort. Plus, stretchy fabrics won’t be restrictive. Shapewear for summer should be breathable and smooth too. It will prevent your body from overheating and provide extra comfort. Good air circulation from shapewear fabric will keep the skin moist and reduce the risk of irritation.

Shapewear outerwear is very popular right now. And it is also the perfect choice for sweltering days. Apart from being comfortable and versatile, this shapewear is easy to mix and match with other items. Hence, flattering designs are another consideration in choosing shapewear for summer. The stylish designs can elevate your look while sculpting your silhouette. Whether wearing it as undergarment or outerwear, fashionable shapewear can boost your mood and self-confidence.

To help you get the best, here are four summer shapewear recommendations from the best shapewear brand, Waistdear!

1. Consider a shaping dress

The most comfortable shaping dress in town comes in a fancy design! Waistdear never disappoints us when it comes to design. The deep V-neck style elongates your neck silhouette, while the deep U-shaped back design creates a sexy look on your back. This built-in shaper dress can smooth and slim your silhouette in a comfortable way. It has tight-knit construction at the waist and lower abdomen for 360° waist and tummy control.

summer shapewear

This shapewear comes with a double-layered chest panel to support and secure your breasts. There are removable pads that allow you to go braless with confidence. This shaping dress is designed without visible seams for a better fit and comfort. It is very versatile for any occasion, and easy to style with any outfit.

2.  Try a seamless outer crew thong bodysuit

A summer staple that should be in your wardrobe is a shaping bodysuit. This outerwear shapewear is versatile and comfortable to wear. You can get a shaping effect, practicality and confidence in a piece of garment. Choose a shaping bodysuit with light compression for daily wear. It not only hugs you snugly but can also highlight the natural curves of your body.

This Crew Thong Bodysuit is one of the best-selling shapewear that you can wear comfortably for summer. This product is a combination of comfort, sculpting and style in one. It is easy to mix and match with jeans or a cardigan. It can also be worn under dresses. The choice is completely yours.

summer shapewear

As fashion essentials, having one is definitely not enough. Fortunately, Waistdear not only offers wholesale waist trainers with logo but also shaping bodysuits in various designs. You won’t be satisfied with just one or two pieces because there are dozens of flattering designs for sale. Waistdear’s wholesale prices are a plus, so you can shop for several bodysuits at once. Now get ready to make your summer more stylish every day!

3.  Tummy control jumpsuit for workouts

If you want to look effortlessly stylish in summer, then wear a shaping jumpsuit from Waistdear for workouts. The jumpsuit is a fashion item that can enhance your style. It makes you look trendy and classy, ​​even without adding a lot of accessories.  So, when you find a jumpsuit comes with built-in shapewear, it means you’ve found the ultimate wardrobe staple!

summer shapewear

Shaping jumpsuit offers lightweight compression and comfort for daily wear. It can define your natural curves and create a bulge-free look. Waistdear designed their shaping jumpsuit with double layers of fabric and removable bra pads that allow you to wear it solo. You will get a chic style with rib texture and pretty colors. You can wear this shaping jumpsuit as a casual everyday outfit, office, vacation or other occasions.

4. Middle-waisted mid shaper shorts under clothing

Tennis skirts and pleated active skorts are hotly anticipated trends this summer. Of course, you can join in the trend! Forget worrying out belly fat or your thighs, and leave your troubles to Waistdear’s shaper shorts. It can flatten your stomach and create a smooth, natural silhouette. The mid-waist design helps cut muffin tops and provides excellent tummy control for your midsection.

summer shapewear

The shaper shorts are designed with hook closures. So, it will be easier for you to adjust the tightness and compression. There are also thigh trimmer and butt lift features. These features help you get slimmer thighs and an adorable bubble butt. These shaper shorts can be worn under any summer outfit because they are comfortable and breathable.

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