Aldi Men's Classic 1Aldi and chinos aren’t words you’d expect to find in the same sentence. Misery Guts and chinos aren’t either, more’s the pity.

He’s more of a Levis man, but somehow the artfully dishevelled look on the mannequin in the shop translates to simply dishevelled owing to the fact he doesn’t iron anything. (One could argue this is partly my fault, as I avoid it at all costs. Frankly, life’s too short).

So when Aldi asked us to review their new Men’s Classics range, which went into stores on January 22, I thought why not?

With everything from corduroy shirts to knitted mule slippers (yes really!) on offer, we tried out a pair of thermal-lined chinos (£14.99) and a navy cotton v-neck tank top, (£6.99), pictured.

Aldi Men's Classic 2

I have to say I was really impressed with the quality – for £14.99 the chinos look like something around the £50 mark; although Misery Guts actually thought the price tag was expensive (he’d have a fit if he knew how much some of my trousers cost).

He reckons you’d get really hot down below because of the thermal lining, but I pointed out they’d be great on a chilly day on the allotment.

The tank top is gingham lined and although I haven’t washed either yet, I think they’ll wash really well.

As for whether they’ll iron well, I don’t think we’ll ever know…

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