First smile 4Excellent news: curvier girls produce brainier children. I’m not joking. Scientists have this week said that the fat found in our bums helps to build our babies brains because fat cells in our derrieres are ‘routed’ directly towards them.

Apparently these ‘fat banks’ are depots for building a baby’s brain via breast feeding, and women with larger stores of fat are likely to produce brainer children.

And there was me turning my back on a rather lovely looking slice of blueberry frangipane in the coffee shop yesterday, which really did have my name on it.

The scientist behind the research basically says you need lots of fat to make a nervous system, and the type of fat in our hips, bums and thighs are enriched with a certain type of acid that’s an important component in the human brain.

Frankly, I’m not interested in the nitty gritty. I’m just delighted there’s another excuse to have my cake and eat it…

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