Are you a naked house?

It occurred to me, as I pushed the vacuum cleaner around the living room the other day wearing nothing but my birthday suit, that we are most definitely a naked house.

Are you a naked house

We sleep with no clothes on, we go from the bedroom to the bathroom with no clothes on (see ‘no sticking toes in bums’ if you fancy a laugh), we walk around the house with no clothes on and getting dressed tends to be the last thing any of us does in the morning.

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I should first point out that we live in a fourth floor flat so we’re not overlooked, and it’s also really hot owing to being south facing and surrounded by other flats whose occupants like to crank the heating up. And there’s nothing worse than getting in a hot and sweaty tizz when you’re trying to get yourself and three kids ready, so the less you’re wearing the better.

But even so, do other families walk around in the altogether until it’s time to leave the house?

Maybe if we lived in a house instead of a flat – and therefore had to navigate stairs – I’d think twice about going from the bedroom to the kitchen stark naked, but I suspect not.

In the midst of the last heatwave I could be found tapping away at my computer in just pants because let’s face it, when you work from home you only actually have to sound dressed. And when not pregnant or breastfeeding I prefer to sunbathe and go to the beach topless.

But BB will be six next month which got me thinking perhaps it’s time we started covering up. I’m sure I don’t remember my mum and dad wandering around with no clothes on when I was six – or seven or eight or nine.

Is there an age when it becomes inappropriate to walk around with nothing on? And if so, when? I asked some fellow bloggers what they think and here’s what they said.

Are you a naked house?

“I also hate wearing clothes if not necessary so I’m mostly naked or in a nightie. Don’t come knocking at my door if you’re of a sensitive disposition!” Erica at The Incidental Parent

“Now my son (two) has started pinching me and yelling ‘boobies’ I am less inclined to give him the opportunity. Showers and baths are fine but I hate being naked around the house, the doorbell always rings.” Fran at Whinge Whinge Wine

“A friend said it was wrong of me to have a bath with my son. He is two and it makes me cross, I can’t see any harm in it. We were all born naked, I’m no nudist but I really can’t see any harm in it. It’s like the kissing on the lips things – it seems society wants to take an almost sexual view on things that are so natural.” Lisa at Pass the Prosecco Please

“I wander about in the scud, purely because my four kids won’t let me get ready long enough. I bath with my children and they run around naked too. I don’t have any problems or plan on hiding myself away any time soon. I want my children to grow up confident in themselves and not instantly associate it with sex.” Zoe at My Little Wildlings

“My ten-year-old sons often chat to me while I’m in the bath. I love that about our house!” Kate at Modern Mum

“I grew up in a non-naked house and always felt self-conscious about my body and I don’t want my kids to see themselves like that.” Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse

“My kids often watch me shower, use the toilet or get dressed – the joys of motherhood! My kids on the other hand are ALWAYS naked, they much prefer not to have clothes on and I see nothing wrong with that either.” Laura at Five Little Doves

“My son is six and I’ve recently started covering up around him but I couldn’t tell you why! He still comes in when I’m in the bath and I don’t make any effort to stop him. But, I don’t walk around naked anymore.” Donna at Bobsy’s Mum

“I always thought I would avoid being naked around my boys but in reality I’m naked around them all the time. I sleep in just pants and they come into bed and cuddle in the morning. They see me shower and use the loo. They are only five and two though. I expect they’ll ask me to cover up at some point and I’ll let them take the lead on that.” Nicole at The Mum Reviews.

“My eldest did once go into nursery and tell everyone ‘my Daddy has a big willy, I don’t!’” Amy at The Smallest of Things

What do you think? Are you a naked house or do you cover up? I’d love to know your thoughts!