Bad hair dayCheck this out. This is the sight that greeted me when BB woke up from her afternoon nap (left).

I cannot fathom how she managed to whip up such a hairdo in under one hour – my only guess is that she must have been continually grinding her head into the mattress the entire time.

It’s hard to describe the amazingness of the creation – there were at least five individual sub-knots interspersed with corkscrews of hair firing out at all angles, all combined into one giant knot.

When I’d finally stopped laughing I set about trying to brush it out (we needed to go to Tesco). Which only made it worse. Much worse. Then I did that thing I vowed I’d never do: I licked my fingers and tried to smooth it down. To no avail.

There was nothing for it; we’d have to go to the supermarket like that. So we did. By the time we arrived I was still marvelling at the do, and I have to say, I quite liked it. It’s edgy, in a geek chic sort of way. It could even have the potential to become the style of choice for the coolest kid in town. After all, if you actually wanted to create such a look, it would probably take hours of styling with untold (expensive) products.

I laughed every time I looked at her, and she laughed too. We laughed for the rest of the day, and I was rather sad when it washed out in the bath.

That old adage is true: the best things in life really are free.