Bath, book, bed. Those three little words are supposedly the ticket to a hassle-free bedtime, but the question is when is the best time to start a bedtime routine?

Two weeks? Two months? Two years? Or is it just a case of doing what feels right, like feeding them to sleep and co-sleeping, regardless of what the ‘experts’ say?

When is the best time to start a bedtime routine

Littlest B is coming up to four months old now and we haven’t started putting her ‘down’ at night.

She basically stays up with us, mainly because as baby number three it’s the only time she gets our undivided attention.

But have we missed the boat on the positive sleep associations front and are we setting ourselves up for trouble later on?

I asked some fellow bloggers when they think is the best time to start a bedtime routine, because lots of heads are better than one, and this is their verdict:

When is the best time to start a bedtime routine?

1. From birth. ‘We had a bed time routine from birth. It included reading a story, and going into a dark room and putting our baby to bed while she was still awake.’ Irina at Wave to Mummy.

2. Two weeks. ‘It’s never too early for a bedtime routine. From about two weeks we have always done bath, book, boob, bed but I do lay with mine while they settle or co-sleep.’ Emily at A Slummy Mummy (who’s expecting baby number 4 btw, so I’m assuming she knows her stuff!)

3. Three months. ‘The sooner the better for everyone in the family. We got our first into a routine at about three months.’ Alex at Dad F.C

4. 18 months. ‘I fed both my babies to sleep for the first 18 months, but we had a routine of bath, book, milk to sleep from very early on. By the time I stopped feeding them to sleep there was very little fuss about going to sleep.’ Vivienne at The Mothers Room

5. Two years. ‘Oliver was about two before we started a ‘proper’ routine. He was breastfed until about then so maybe that’s why. The only routine we had before then was that when he looked tired I’d feed him and he fell asleep then we’d put him down in his cot!’ Natalie at Diary of an Unexpectant Mother

When did you start a bedtime routine? Was it the right time or do you wish you’d started earlier or later? I’d love to hear your experience!

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