I’ve got a confession. Rather a lot of them in fact.

It’s been almost a month since Littlest B graced us with her presence and with Misery Guts back at work and my mum back at home I’m well and truly outnumbered now I’m a mum of three.

Confessions of a third time mum

Which means things are starting to give in the parenting stakes, and I’ve got confessions of a third time mum to add to my list of mothering misdemeanours, alongside confessions of a stay-and-work-at-home mum.

Confessions of a third time mum

1. I’ve forgotten I’ve actually got a baby. The other day, after getting BB and Little B bathed and into bed, I walked into the living room, heard a snuffling sound and thought ‘what’s that noise?’ It was Littlest B asleep in her moses basket. For a split second I’d forgotten all about her.

2. Unless Littlest B’s nappy feels wet at night, I don’t bother changing her. With the other two I’d change their nappies after every feed, regardless. But quite frankly life is too short.

3. An over-the-nappy poonami doesn’t necessarily require a total outfit change. You know the ones, when an ominous yellow line appears at the back of the baby grow. Previously I would have stripped them down and consigned the offending items to a bowl of Napisan-laced water before putting them on a hot wash, but it’s amazing what dabbing and baby wipes can achieve. Because I never see the bottom of the dirty laundry basket as it is.

4. I let the older two watch YouTube videos for hours. And hours. Like questionable episodes of homemade Thomas the Tank Engine shows by random ‘fans’ from China because it keeps them quiet.

5. I’ve extended Little B’s hours at nursery on more than one occasion because it’s easier having just one at home, one at nursery and one at school than it is having two at home and one at school.

6. I’ve fed the older two more ready meals in the last month than I have in the last year. BIG thanks to Little Dish who as well as some gorgeous bunting for Littlest B sent a hamper of ready meals for BB and Little B. Their meals are just like you’d make yourself, so there’s no need to feel guilty.


7. The older two have also eaten more McDonald’s and fast food in the last month than they have in the last year. Because quite simply, it’s easier.

8. I’ve forgotten to brush BB and Little B’s teeth more often than I’ve remembered to brush them.

9. I’ve let the cats starve. While the kids have been feasting on fast food, on two occasions in the past week I’ve had to resort to opening a tin of tuna and spooning pate out of the fridge because we’ve totally run out of cat food. On one occasion I even went to Tesco with the sole purpose of buying cat food, only to come home with a bottle of Pinot and loo roll. You guessed it, I totally forgot the cat food.

10. Wine o’clock is now from 6 o’clock, not 7 o’clock. And very soon it’s going to start at 5 o’clock.

Do you have more than one child and do you have any confessions you’re willing to share? I’d love to hear them to make me feel better!

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