I’ve got a confession. It involves a fifth baby (although not of the human variety!), a secret I’ve been keeping and have been dying to tell you about, and 46,921 words.

I’ve written a book! An actual book with actual pages and it’s available to order on Amazon now!

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

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I’m so pleased to finally be able to tell you that Confessions of a Crummy Mummy – The Baby Years will be published by Filament Publishing on November 16, 2021, and is available to order right now in paperback.

I can’t believe I’m writing this but here’s the actual link on actual Amazon!

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy – The Baby Years

In a nutshell, it’s a telling-it-how-it-is parenting manual featuring all the things they don’t tell you about the first year. Chapters are split into confessions on everything from lady bits and sleep (or lack of it!) to weaning and washing – and what happens when you accidentally find yourself doing it all in the middle of a global pandemic. And if you’re a regular follower you’ll know giving birth in the middle of a global pandemic was not in the birth plan!

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

I first had the germ of an idea for the book (excuse the pun!) one day in lockdown amid the chaos of homeschooling. The idea grew and got legs as I made notes on my phone while I breastfed Violet, and since then it’s fair to say it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride from writing the synopsis and sample chapters to getting an agent, then a publishing deal, and then actually writing it. I’ll be sharing some of the journey here and on social media between now and publication day so watch this space!

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

In the meantime, I’ll be brutally honest: pre-orders are so important for new authors like me because they not only count towards the first week of sales but Amazon’s algorithms pick up on the traffic and they’re more likely to give you more space on their site.

So if you’re a new (or not so new) mama feeling like you’re doing too many things and none of them well (or you know someone who is) I’d LOVE it if you’d consider pre-ordering a copy ahead of publication day!

You can find it on Amazon where’s there’s a sneak peek inside along with everything you need to know about the book and why it makes the perfect antidote to the traditional parenting manual, and you can also order with Waterstone’s if that’s more your thing. I’ve also got a brand new page on the blog all about it which you can see here.

If you do buy the book and enjoy what you read I’d also be eternally grateful if you’d consider leaving an Amazon review. Like pre-orders, reviews are really important because the more reviews a book has, the higher it ranks in search results and the more people will see it and (hopefully!) be encouraged to buy it too.

I’ll stop waffling on now and leave you to it, but before I go I must say a really big thank you for reading – not just this post but the blog as a whole. The truth is my book wouldn’t have been possible without you and your follows, likes, comments, hearts and shares. So thank you, thank you, and happy reading!

Confessions of a Crummy Mummy

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