Daddy's diaweticAt the grand old age of two years and eight months – and after hearing about a two year old on the news who managed to dial 999 after his mummy collapsed – I’ve realised it’s high time to teach BB what to do if the same thing ever happens to Misery Guts, who’s Type 1 diabetic.

It’s an unlikely scenario to occur when the two of them are awake and on their own, given that during waking hours Misery Guts can generally feel his blood sugar levels dipping and bring them up again before having a fit or becoming unconscious, but not impossible.

So to avoid complicating the situation we’ve added an ‘emergency call’ button to our mobile phones so all BB has to do is touch the button and then the picture of the green phone that appears. After a week of practising she knows that if she ever can’t wake daddy up she should press the buttons, tell the person that answers that daddy won’t wake up and that he’s ‘diawetic’. She can even say her name and address.

I must admit she’s become very authoritative on the subject: in our trial run last night I said ‘daddy has diabetes’ and she quite firmly told me: “No mummy, daddy’s diawetic.”

We can only hope she doesn’t draw on her newfound knowledge on a Saturday morning when Misery Guts happens to nod off in front of CBeebies after a particularly early start…