Want to know how to make slow cooker fudge using just three simple ingredients?

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slow cooker fudge

Slow cooker fudge is a firm favourite in our house for three reasons – it’s a big sweet treat (kids) and it’s easy peasy and doesn’t make a big mess (me).

We usually make slow cooker fudge at Christmas and Easter (I love our slow cooker, and a bit like a catering waffle machine it’s well worth investing in a decent one) to give away as gifts, putting the fudge into paper bags and labelling them for whoever they’re for. But you can also make it at any time of year and adjust the theme of the sprinkles accordingly.

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The recipe we use actually belongs to Louise who blogs at Pink Bear Bear, and over the years I have honed it slightly depending on the occasion. For example, bog standard cooking chocolate is fine if you’re making a batch of fudge for kids, whereas 70% cocoa chocolate works perfectly for a more indulgent treat for adults. Then when it comes to toppings Christmassy sprinkles are great at Christmas, whereas mini eggs are the perfect topping at Easter. You can also get creative by adding things like popping candy or marshmallows to the fudge before it sets.

slow cooker fudge

So, how’s it done? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy slow cooker fudge


One small can of condensed milk (if you’re worried about the sugar content use a light version)
400g of chocolate


Switch the slow cooker on high
Break the chocolate into pieces and pour in the condensed milk
Stir occasionally until it’s all melted (about half an hour)
Switch the slow cooker to low and continue to stir until both ingredients are blended (about 15 minutes)
Turn the mixture into a baking paper-lined tray
Sprinkle over the topping
Leave to set at room temperature & cut into squares

And there you have it: homemade slow cooker fudge that looks like you made lots of effort when really you didn’t.

slow cooker fudge

At Christmas I tend to make up several trays of the stuff so you have them on hand as gifts for anyone you’ve forgotten (there’s always one) or if anyone unexpectedly pops by. They store for ages in an air-tight tub or tin – and there might even be some left over for you afterwards!

Have you made slow cooker fudge before? Fancy giving this recipe a go? Don’t forget to pin it or bookmark it for later!

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