I started Crummy Mummy in January 2013 as I prepared to stop breastfeeding BB, and by May the journey was almost over. I found the whole thing rather emotional, and I wrote a poem about it which I published on 15 May 2013. I think it was the first poem I’d written since school, and having a look through the archives it jumped out at me as I’m nursing once again and it sums up breast feeding perfectly. It still brings a tear to my eye now.

An Ode to BB

It’s been 21 months since you first latched on

I can hardly believe how big you’ve become.

For the first six months you drank my milk alone

Sucking and slurping you were right at home.

There was so much milk it would roll down your chin

And collect in your neck in the folds of your skin.

Daddy used to say we could open a factory for cheese

Because by bath time it had congealed and resembled a nasty disease.

Your hungry mouth would root the side of the pram

If we were out and about when you were due your next dram.

I couldn’t wait to get home and lift you to my breast

And feel your rose bud lips suckling in our cosy human nest.

It wasn’t long before you started to smile

And we’d play games while you were guzzling in our own special style.

Round and round the garden was your favourite rhyme

You’d giggle while drinking time after time.

Those night time feeds they were the best

Just you and me nuzzling forget the rest.

But most nursing times we were always three,

You and me and our kitten Daisy.

When you started on solids I thought the end was nigh

How wrong I was – you weren’t ready to say bye.

Twelve months later you were still going strong

I never dreamed you would love breast feeding for quite so long.

Now you are a big girl and nearly two

It’s time to start drinking a different brew.

I’m so proud to see how my milk has helped you grow

And set you up for a future which will be healthy I know.

I’ll miss the sound of you glugging when you’re drinking from me

But most of all I’m sad because you’re no longer a baby.

Memories of feeding you I will always hold dear

So forgive me if just once or twice I shed the odd tear.

Breast feeding poem

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