Leaky boobs. If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to get in the way of getting to grips with breastfeeding and enjoying your new baby it’s leaky boobs.

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of itchy, soggy, bunched-up breast pads stuffed down your bra, which, if I’m honest, make me feel like a glorified cow.

leaky boobs

When I first started breastfeeding Bluebell in 2011 I could count on one hand the number of shops you could get nursing bras from, and buying one involved a special trip into town to a shop I’d never normally go to.

But fast forward 10 (or 11!) years and it turns out things have moved on A LOT. Not only can you easily buy nursing bras online and pretty much anywhere they sell women’s clothes, but there are all sorts of clever designs to choose from too.

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One of my latest finds is Modibodi’s leakproof breastfeeding bra, which I was very kindly gifted to try out and share with you lovely lot.

I feel slightly put out that I’ve only made this leakproof nursing bra discovery at the end of my breastfeeding journey, but better late than never and as I say over on Instagram, this bra has to be THE most useful thing I’ve ever been gifted!

Saying goodbye to leaky boobs with Modibodi

With an RRP of £32 Modibodi’s leakproof breastfeeding bra comes in two choices of colour – cashew or black – with front clips and straps that can be adjusted for the perfect fit.

leaky boobs

It has moulded, wirefree cups to offer shape and support when you need it most, and the bra comes in sizes 32C – 40G. Here it is on a real mum (me!)

leaky boobs

How does it work?

According to Modibodi, patent-pending leakproof cups absorb milk from leaky boobs to keep you cool, comfy and dry. Each bra can hold up to 25ml of milk per cup and the antimicrobial lining (which means it fights bacteria) is moisture wicking, fast-drying and has anti-odour technology.

What it feels like

As soon as mine arrived I could see it was a nursing bra with a difference. It has five rows of ‘eyes’ on the back to adapt to your changing shape (I don’t know about you but my boobs can vary by whole cup sizes depending on whether it’s morning, evening or night!) and it’s probably the best quality nursing bra I’ve ever had in terms of fabric and clips too.

leaky boobs

It’s what I’d describe as a t-shirt bra in that it’s smooth and goes nicely under everything from a thin cotton t-shirt to chunkier jumpers. I found it worked perfectly under my Stylish Mum breastfeeding jumper, because when the cups were unclipped they aligned perfectly with the opening in the jumper for discreet breastfeeding.

My verdict

I found Modibodi’s breastfeeding bra super soft and supportive (the truth is after four babies I need all the help I can get!) but the best bit is no more leaky boobs, uncomfy pads or embarrassing patches on your top. I honestly don’t know where the leaky milk goes – the bra didn’t feel wet or damp at all even after wearing it all day or all night.

leaky boobs

I also love the fact the bra adjusts over three sizes because my boobs are a completely different size now than they were when Violet was born in April 2020, and I know they’ll carry on changing.

Of course, we can’t stop leaky boobs but with this bra we can say goodbye to them because you won’t even notice they’re leaking – giving you more time to focus on breastfeeding and bonding with your new baby! What’s more, you’re helping the planet because you can ditch disposable breast pads for good.

leaky boobs

I was gifted the Modibodi leakproof breastfeeding bra featured in this post. As always, all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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