Oreo eatingNever mind the scrunch or fold debate. It’s the whether to bite or lick a cream filled biscuit dilemma that interests me.

At what point does one become a biter or a licker? And is it nature or nurture that leads to one’s preferred method? Or can one alternate between the two, depending on mood and type of cream filled biscuit in question?

I ask after BB ate her first Oreo cookie this weekend. Now Oreo fans out there might argue there is a specific way to eat an Oreo, which cannot be compared to the consumption of, say, a Bourbon, but we’ll put that aside for a moment.

Taking the cookie out of the packet, BB turned it over, spotting the white centre almost immediately. After trying to stick her finger between the two pieces of cookie to touch it and failing, she swiftly and deftly twisted the cookie in her hands, pulled one side of the biscuit off and started licking the centre (pictured). Just like that. As though it was an inherent thing to do.

Perhaps it is. I am a licker, Misery Guts is a biter (there’s a surprise, where’s the enjoyment in biting?) Reflecting on this I was fascinated to discover a website detailing what the way you eat an Oreo cookie says about you. It even adds another dimension: the dunker.

In no particular order:

Dunkers – tend to be energetic, adventurous and extremely social

Twisters – tend to be emotional, sensitive, artistic and trendy

Biters – are easy going, self-confident and optimistic

So there you are. Brighten up your Monday morning and give it a go – I’ll be interested to hear how many of you are dunkers, twisters or biters…