These Choos are made for walkingWe’ve discovered a new game. It’s called These Choos are Made For Walking and from now on it will be exclusively played on deadline days.

Like today. Frantically tapping away to meet a deadline for a feature, poor BB, resplendent with a tear-stained face thanks to an angry eye tooth, eventually gave up pulling at my legs and wandered off.

Usually when I suddenly realise I don’t know where she is and things have gone very quiet something bad is happening. Very bad. Like the time I found her eating soil peppered with slug pellets, or sucking the nozzle on a bottle of windowlene.

But not today. Today she had managed to open my wardrobe door, pull out a matching pair of shoes (matching! Clever girl!), and set about trying them on. It was a good few minutes before I realised she was missing, and when I found her she was mightily pleased with herself (pictured).

In fact she was immersed in this game for a good 10 minutes, and when I pulled out another pair she happily set about trying to get her feet into those for another 5 minutes.


As we speak all my shoes (and there are many) are strewn across the bedroom floor. BB is happily trying them on, I am ahead of my deadline, and all is well in the world…

I thoroughly recommend it.