Wondering how to entertain the kids in the school holidays?

Looking for solutions that will keep them – and you – happy without breaking the bank? Then read on!


As work-at-home parents it’s fair to say the school holidays are something of a juggling act in our house, especially the six-week long summer one.

Although we book extra nursery sessions and summer clubs, there are still times we need to occupy the kids while we carry on working, so I’m always on the look out for ways and means to help us do that – without spending a small fortune in the process.

So, when our favourite stationery shop Smiggle got in touch ahead of the summer holidays and offered to send us a bundle from their new Smigglets range, I won’t lie – I jumped at the chance!

Getting school holiday ready with Smiggle Smigglets

Smiggle’s largest collectable range to date, the Smigglets are made up of 40 mini collectable food characters in two ranges: Party Mix and Hangry Heroes (look out for plush toys, night lights and jewellery starring the new characters too).


Aimed at kids aged six and up, each character (£3) has it’s own name, personality and character bio, so the kids can create a whole family. Think Num Noms without the sickly smell.


You can also get starter packs (£12) containing four exclusive characters and one mystery character, all of which stick on the end of a pencil.


When it comes to entertainment factor there’s nothing quite like pouring over character bios when you’re seven (mine even ticks off the ones she’s collected with a pen and writes little notes on the side). As you can see she’s rather engrossed!


When you consider the cost of ice creams and all the other five minute wonders we end up shelling out for in the school holidays I think at £3 each Smiggle’s Smigglets are good value, a great bribe and one more weapon in my armoury of ways to keep the kids entertained this summer!


How to you keep everyone entertained in the school holidays? If you have any hints and tips I’d love to hear them!

We were very kindly gifted all the items featured in this post. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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