Going up the wall because you didn’t book them into kids’ club for the school holidays?

Wondering how on earth you’re going make it to end of the school holidays with your sanity intact? Then read on!

Surviving the school holidays without going batshit mental

With the exception of a wet week in Devon I’ve spent the entire school holidays working with the kids at home. What on earth was I thinking?

Every day Misery Guts gets home from work and says he doesn’t know how I do it, and it’s fair to say I’m on the verge of going batsh*t mental.

But so far I’ve managed to avoid going round the twist, so I thought I’d share how and offer a bit of moral support for any other poor souls in the same boat.

Surviving the school holidays without going batsh*t mental

1. Invest in a pair of ear defenders. I’m not joking. I made the grave error of buying the Trolls movie through Amazon on our smart TV, thinking it would keep the kids quiet while I work. What I didn’t bank on was that it would drive me Up. The. Wall. I could cheerfully throttle Princess effing Poppy. And Branch. And Guy Diamond.

2. Give in. Let them get away with things you wouldn’t usually let them get away with. It’s only for six weeks, life is too short and you’re too tired. It’s also quite interesting listening to them trying to sort things out between themselves.

3. There’s no such thing as too much junk food. It’s the school holidays so it doesn’t count.

4. Hide. Go somewhere they won’t look for you and hide. Even if it’s only for five minutes until they realise you’re gone. It’ll take them at least another two minutes to find you, five if you’re lucky.

5. Eat their food. It’s surprising how therapeutic biting the head off a Freddo Frog is.

6. Run away. The minute Misery Guts gets home from work I’m out of the door, Forest Gump-style. A walk by myself while he does bath time makes it all better.

7. Reward yourself with wine. Or gin. Or whatever is going to take the edge off. You deserve it. I’m sipping a large glass of beer while writing this, and it’s lovely.

Are the school holidays sending you slowly loopy? Are you counting down the days until term time starts again, or do you love school holidays? I’d love to know!

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