British Pianist, Singer, and TV/Radio Presente...Poor Myleene Klass. As if your husband walking out on you after 6 months of marriage wasn’t bad enough, the singer cum TV presenter cum model is now being accused of attention seeking by revealing she encouraged family and friends to taste her breast milk.

Whether she was courting attention or not – isn’t that the job of a sleb? – I don’t see why she’s come under such fire. How is drinking milk produced from a fellow human’s nipple any ‘weirder’ than drinking milk produced from a cow’s udder? At least it’s from the same species.

And I don’t buy the public ‘outcry’ either. I think there’s a lot of ye doth protest too much going on. According to a study published in the Sunday Times in 2005, researchers found that one third of fathers had tasted their other half’s breast milk, and it was ‘fairly common’ for the dads to drink it not just once, but often.

Misery Guts certainly had a dram. ‘Sweet and salty; not very nice’ was the verdict. I never tried it, but didn’t hesitate putting it in my eye when I had an eye infection, and I wouldn’t hesitate to doing the same with any member of my family in the future, either.

Did you know that in America patients with cancer and stomach or immune problems can get breast milk – with its powerful blend of antibodies, enzymes and fatty acids – on prescription from milk banks? And in Italy elements found in breast milk are being cultivated as ‘brain nutrients’ to treat people with dementia and brain injuries.

Perhaps Myleene was just after another 15 minutes in the spotlight, but even so her comments have led to a plethora of stories promoting breast milk as a super food and highlighting its unique medicinal possibilities.

As a staunch advocate of breast feeding this can only be good news. Who knows where a bit more media coverage of the benefits of breast milk to human kind might lead?

Go Myleene, that’s what I say.