Crummy mummy is oneIt’s official: confessions of a crummy mummy is one today and I’ve been blogging for a whole year (if anyone fancies sending me some cake, or better still, some champers, please feel free). A lot can happen in a year, as a quick flick through the archives has revealed:

Twelve months ago today, in my very first post, I declared time on the milk bar and began a five month task of giving up breastfeeding. This was surprisingly straightforward and culminated in me mourning the process far more than BB, which I recorded for posterity by composing my first poem since my schooldays – An Ode to BB.

There have been funny times, like the day BB woke from a nap having fashioned an exquisite bouffant while sleeping.

Bad hair day

There have been nostalgic times, like the day I first handed BB my Kenwood K mixer fitting covered in raw cake mixture to lick clean.

Licking a Kenwood K

And there have been days memories are made of, like the week Mumsnet sent us to Majorca to review one of Thomson’s Family Resorts.

Thomson Family Resort

Of course only time will tell what the coming year holds, but it’s off to an eventful start: tonight BB’s uncle flies to Afghanistan for his third (and what we hope will be his final) stint before troops are withdrawn, and on Sunday we have the aforementioned nuptials of BB’s great granddad.

So do join us for year two. I can’t promise you the world, but I can promise you a (fascinating) window into ours…