How do you explain thongs (2)I don’t know about you, but getting a baby, a four-year-old and me out of the door by a certain time in the morning is no mean feat, especially if we’re running late. Coupled with breast feeding hormones and the fact we live in the hottest flat on earth because it’s landlocked by old people who have their heating cranked up and it’s enough to bring me out in a sweat.

As a result, I tend to get myself ready last, running around the flat in bra and pants to keep cool while getting the kids ready first. Until the other morning when BB asked me what was wrong with my pants. I asked her what she meant and she said: “they’ve gone up your bottom in the middle”.

I was wearing a thong. Crumbs. How do you explain thongs to a four-year-old?

I told her they were meant to look like that and she looked at me as if I were mad. “But why mummy?”

My mind raced as I desperately thought of a reason. ‘So you can’t see the line of your pants through your jeans’ is what I wanted to say, but definitely didn’t want to say because I don’t want her thinking about how her bottom looks or for any reason thinking there’s anything remotely wrong with seeing your pants through your jeans.

That’s just how they are, I said.

“But they’re up your bottom. That’s not very comfortable.”

She has a point.

“That’s silly mummy,” she continued. “They’re silly pants.”

Yes I said, I suppose they are.

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