Crocs S/S16I can’t remember the last time I wore heels. Since becoming a mum there’s been no getting away from the fact my shoes need to be three things: flat, comfortable and preferably wipeable.

I’m a big fan of Crocs because I love their quirky colours and styles and what with living by a pebbly beach and having the allotment they can be worn down to the sea and in flower beds without coming off worse for wear – I just wash them in the sink afterwards. We all have a pair.

So when Crocs invited us to come and have a sneak peek at next season’s Crocs and have our toenails painted to match the new designs (while eating frozen yoghurt!) I jumped up and down in excitement even more than BB.

If Crocs conjure up images of clunky clogs then think again. The spring/summer 2016 collection is flat, comfy, wipeable and SUPER stylish – more akin to shoes you’d see on the pages of a Boden catalogue, but half the price. You wouldn’t even know some of them are Crocs.

We headed to Snog frozen yoghurt in Soho where the lovely (and award-winning) Metta from Nails by Mets was on hand to give us mini pedicures with nail art to match the new shoes. I went for a leopard print big toes with lobster red nails while BB went for Frozen blue and I have to say our nails did look great in the sandals.

There are designs for every occasion from office flats to beach sandals (prices vary but start from £16.99 for kids and £29.99 for classic adult clogs). I especially loved the matching mother-and-daughter and daddy-and-son mini-me styles.

Of course BB was instantly drawn to the glittery and flashing shoes, some of which now come with a Velcro strap which I was absolutely not allowed to touch – she had to do it herself.

And there’s no prizes for guessing which pair was her favourite. They begin with F, end in n, flash and feature a certain two princesses on the front (£39.99).


The new styles are going into shops from November, so you’ll know what I’ll be wearing as soon as the sun comes out. And it doesn’t matter what the kids spill on them, they’ll still come up good as new.

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