How to save money on kids' clothes featuredWe’ve been on a big money-saving drive in our house lately. Not because we’re saving up for anything in particular (the chance would be a fine thing) but what with Little B now at nursery life is, well, expensive!

I did a fairly good job of sticking to a budget for Little B’s birthday in October, and I’m planning to follow the same rules for Christmas. So when I was contacted to see if I’d be interested in running a post on how to save money on kids’ clothes this winter, I thought it would be a good idea.

Since BB started school in September and wears a uniform during the week the number of clothes she wears at home has gone down dramatically, which has definitely saved us money as she hasn’t needed a fraction of the winter clothes she usually would.

Here are some other money-saving tips:

1. Before you gear up to shop for winter clothes go through their wardrobe first. Look for things that can be used again this year so you can avoid buying the same things again. Then see what can be sold or passed on.

2. Have a look at their summer clothes and see what can be worn in winter. Clothes like short sleeved shirts can be used in winter over thermals or long sleeved tops.

3. Once you know what you already have and what can be used again, make a list of the clothes that you need to shop for and stick to it.

There are some simple and easy tricks that will help you to save on your winter shopping and stay within the budget at the same time too.

Go online

Online shops sell both new and used clothes, and online shops often offer discount codes. One such store is Go Outdoors, where you’ll find Go Outdoor deals to save on your winter shopping. In addition, many online shops offer free postage.

Swap clothes

If you’ve got lots of outgrown clothes that are still in good condition talk to other mums and arrange to swap them. This way everyone gets the clothes they need and there’s no need to spend money.

Go to charity shops

Winter clothes don’t tend to get worn out and charity shops often have a wealth of second-hand coats, jackets and other thermals at a cheap price.

Consignment stores

This is where a shop sells clothes for you and gets a percentage. If you have outgrown clothes that are still in good condition you can sell them on in a consignment shop and use the money to buy new clothes.

Outlet shops

Outlets sell clothes from a particular brand at a discounted price. So if you’re after something from a certain brand opt for its outlet store – you can find out their latest offers by signing up for their newsletters.

Online clearance sales

This requires a bit of planning but can pay off. Most online shops have a clearance sale at the end of the season, so you could buy next year’s winter clothes this year by guessing the size of the clothes you’ll need. You can find lots of deals here.

If you have one of each – boys and girls – you could also try to buy clothes in neutral colours that can be handed down and worn by both.

Or just not bother, like me, and put the boy in a cosy pink gro-bag at bedtime – after all, who’s going to see?

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