Flashback Friday first day of schoolBB started school for the first time this week, which needless to say made me think about my first day at school. Here I am – exactly 30 years ago in 1985.

I remember feeling so smart with my shiny patent blue satchel which had red reflectors on the buckles and a cardigan my granny had knitted.

Looking at this photo now, all I can see is the shoes. Although I loved everything I was wearing on the day this picture was taken in our garden in Devon you can see I had big feet, and it wasn’t long before they grew – and grew and grew.

My feet became so big I always had to have the ugliest shoes in the shop.

I always seemed to require the largest shoe they did, which meant the choice was limited to one or two designs, and so started a hate-hate relationship with Clarks. I particularly remember a shopping trip in which I came home and cried hot, burning tears because the only shoes I could have were horrible brown ones and I dreaded the reaction my shoes would get at school.

Ironically, I can remember crying about the shoes, but I can’t remember the reaction at school.

It’s also ironic because my feet didn’t end up big at all – I’m now an average size six.


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