Fearne Cotton 1Leggings, a nursing vest and Birkenstocks. It doesn’t matter what day of the week or time of the year it is, I can usually be found wearing one or all of these items. I call it my ‘mummiform’.

It’s no surprise, then, that now super stylish Fearne Cotton has joined me and my fellow bloggers as a brand ambassador for Huggies Style on the Go that Huggies got in touch to see if we’d like some style tips for new mums.

I should probably be offended, but as someone who still wears my old pre-baby noughties work outfits quite frankly I need all the help I can get. I was asked to send photos of three items I never wear to celebrity stylists and wardrobe coaches Alicia Kay who gave me feedback on what I should team them with. They also gave me some top tips to help mums to look and feel great. This is what they said:

1. Firstly, all of your clothes in your wardrobe should make you look and feel amazing and as a stylish mummy you should want to wear them all.

2. If you don’t feel wow in something when you first try it on, then put it back on the rail. It doesn’t matter what other people are wearing, you need to focus on putting together an outfit that makes you look and feel fabulous. This will help you ooze confidence!

3. Make sure you know what you are going to wear with items before you buy them. Remember – any uncertainty or hesitation, just walk away.

I could have done with this advice before buying these three beauties – a Hugo Boss dress (it was a posh wedding and seemed like a good idea at the time), a pair of pink cords (they looked great on the model in the Boden catalogue) and a pair of suede ankle boots (Jeggings? Jeans? Womens tactical pants? What on earth should I wear them with?)

According to Alicia Kay the dress is ‘hard to wear’ for most of us because of the sleeve and the high neckline – they suggested a biker style leather jacket over the dress. “The rockiness of the biker will harden the pretty silk dress and this will not only make it more wearable, but also gives great contrast shape to the clean lines of the shift dress.” I feel a date night coming on.

As for the cords, I was told black or navy would work well. “In this instance we suggest you wear black; just to add that fashion edge and bring the inner rock chick in you out!” Presumably they’re assuming I’ll ditch the Birkenstocks though.

And as for the boots, under no circumstances should I wear them with a skirt. “This style of boot can add weight to your legs and can make them look shorter. Only the lucky few that have long legs up to their armpits should ever wear this style with a dress or skirt.” I bet Fearne could pull it off. Apparently I should wear mine with jeans, denim or black trousers.

It was really great to be offered some personalised advice as I don’t have much time to think about what to wear at the moment, let alone put an outfit together in advance.

I could definitely get used to this rubbing-shoulders-with-celebrity-brand-ambassadors thing!