Homemade breast padsThis is me with homemade breast pads I made out of a sanitary towel. Having unveiled our brand new website last week Misery Guts – who can always be relied on to put a dampener on things – says I don’t come across as crummy enough. The thing is I am crummy; I just don’t necessarily blog about every little thing.

So in an effort to set the record straight, here are some examples of my crumminess:

1. On more than one occasion I’ve run out of breast pads, and in need of something that won’t soak straight through and is ideally sticky on one side I’ve cut the rounded ends off sanitary towels and stuck them in my bra (this is actually a super discovery – they’re thinner than breast pads and more absorbent)

2. I frequently drop food on Little B’s head because the only way I can eat a meal uninterrupted is with him in the papoose. Droppings include prawn cracker crumbs and (hot) gravy.

3. We’ve lived in our flat for two and a half years and I’ve never cleaned the oven.

4. If I open a jar from the top shelf of the fridge and find fur inside, I usually just scrape it off.

5. I feed Little B to sleep, and I did the same with BB. I don’t care what they say.

Writing this post made me realise that Misery Guts might not come across as miserable enough either. So this week I’m going on Misery Guts watch in order to bring you similar evidence.

Watch this space…