Cats in pregnancyI swear both our cats knew I was pregnant before I did. Our eldest, Eddie, has been following me around from the word go, while our youngest, Daisy, was instantly more loving than usual. Eight months on she curls up alongside my bump at every available opportunity (pictured), and Eddie is never far away.

Both of them are quite happy sitting on top of my bump even though the baby now kicks back as they paw before settling down, and when the baby shifts position they simply shift too.

I’m guessing it’s all to do with pheromones, but either way, it’s got me thinking about how loving and cuddly they’ll be when the baby actually arrives. Eddie will probably run a mile, as he did with BB, but I don’t trust Daisy one bit. She would curl up on or alongside BB whenever she could (pictured), meaning a cat net for the moses basket is definitely in order.

Cats and babies

There seems to have been no advances in cat net technology in the three years since BB was born. Mothercare sells one which stretches over a standard size cot, but I can’t find anything on the market for a moses basket that would actually stand up to – and prevent – a cat from climbing in.

Basically we need a food net umbrella, but for a baby. I can’t find one big enough to cover our moses basket, but as I searched online it did occur to me I could punch holes in a clear dome umbrella and use that instead. Would this be cruel (for the baby, not the umbrella)?

Simply shutting the cats out of our bedroom isn’t an option owing to the size of our flat and the noise they would make trying to get back in again, so any thoughts/ideas would be gratefully received…