LEGO lunch box review 1She might have just turned 3, but BB is itching to start school. She asks me daily what colour her uniform will be (I don’t know because it depends which over-subscribed school we actually manage to get her into), who will collect her and pick her up (again I don’t know because it depends how far away said school is) and can she go to the school in Time For School on Cbeebies (at last a question I can actually answer – no.)

Being an August baby by this time next year she will be in reception class, but until then I’ve got to come up with ways to satisfy her school curiosity or suffer death by questioning. So when asked me to review LEGO’s latest lunch box set, launched to celebrate the release of the LEGO movie, I had an idea: we could start, like school, having ‘packed lunch’ at home (pictured).

This is a brilliant idea, even if I do say so myself. I realise it’s a total waste of cling film, but the look on her face as she unwraps each item and says ‘wow’ is worth it (also pictured).

LEGO lunch box review 2The lunchbox itself is pretty standard when compared to others on the market (and LEGO’s other offerings) – a simple box with a lid – but it’s nice and compact and will hold a round of sandwiches, a bag of crisps and something else without them sliding about or falling apart. You’d be hard pushed to squeeze in an apple or banana too, but these, like the bottle, can always travel separately.

Even better, the whole lot (rrp £14) fits into BB’s little ruck sack, so we pack it all up in the kitchen, she carries it to the table in the living room on her back, and then we unpack.

If someone told me three years ago that this is what lunchtimes would involve, I don’t think I’d have believed them…