Huggies Wipes 1It’s official: I’m a Huggies brand ambassador! And Little B is delighted, as you can see (pictured).

Yesterday Little B and I ventured into central London to meet the Huggies PR team and mothersalwaysright, sparklesandstretchmarks, mamamin, mymillsbaby, themummyadventure and ababyonboard who we’ll be working with for the rest of the year on some really exciting – but currently top secret – projects.

Don’t panic though – you’ll be the first to know when we’re allowed to reveal what they are, I promise!

Of course we picked what was probably the worst day of the year so far to travel by train: all of the services into Victoria from our neck of the woods were cancelled and we had to navigate via London Bridge along with the world and his wife.

Thank goodness I decided to ditch the buggy and papoose it – and thank goodness chivalry isn’t dead. I was offered a seat on every crammed train we had the misfortune of travelling on.

Still, the cupcakes we were treated to more than made up for it.

Huggies Wipes 2

Yum yum.

Watch this space for some exciting Huggies related posts over the coming months…