Tummy sleepingIs putting a baby to sleep on their tummy really so bad? All the medical advice seems to say yes, yet it’s the only position in which Little B will have a proper sleep. He’s been suffering from terrible colic, leaving him wreathing around full of wind and unable to settle on his back. As a result we’ve spent most of the past week co-sleeping with one of us rubbing his tummy to ease the pain  – seemingly another big no-no.

It didn’t do me any harm, but the evidence suggests the risk of cot death is higher in babies who sleep on their front. Even so, I know Little B would be far more comfortable on his tummy and we’d all get more sleep. Lie him on his back after a night time feed and he thrashes around in discomfort, but put him on his front and he’s asleep in seconds, so totally relaxed that his limbs are a dead weight.

Terrified of putting him in his moses basket on his front in case something terrible happens and in a bid to have less broken nights, I’ve been lying in bed on my back with him on his front on my chest, or on his side in the crook of my arm. But I’ve read that more than half of cot deaths happen when babies are sleeping in the same bed as their parents, and babies who share their parents’ bed before the age of three months are five times more likely to die during the night. Even worse, apparently cot death is more common in males.

So now I don’t know what to do for the best.

Just. Need. To. Sleep.