Lower back pain, muscle spasms, trouble sleeping, heartburn: those are among the joyful side effects of the third trimester as any pregnant mama will tell you.

At 30 weeks pregnant with baby number four I’m no exception, so when massage experts The Massage Company got in touch and invited me to try out their maternity massage package I didn’t need asking twice!

third trimester aches & pains

If you haven’t come across The Massage Company before their aim is to bring regular, high-quality massage to UK towns at an affordable price. Their mission is to transform the concept of massage from an occasional treat and make it mainstream with routine, membership-based appointments seven days a week to help lead a better and balanced life.

third trimester aches & pains

They invited the bump and I to their Tunbridge Wells centre to see what it’s all about and try out a maternity massage package which is especially designed to focus on the needs of pregnant mamas (sports, Swedish and deep tissue packages are also available alongside their standard massages).

Managing third trimester aches & pains with The Massage Company

I’ve had maternity massages in the past, although not in this pregnancy, and it wasn’t until I arrived at The Massage Company that I realised I’ve had very little ‘me time’ at all during this pregnancy. In fact, this picture I shared on social media recently pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling!

So, if I could leave The Massage Company feeling even a teeny tiny bit better than this, we were onto a winner!

What to expect

The first thing that struck me on arrival was the unmistakable smell of massage and aromatherapy oil, which instantly made me feel relaxed and like I’d stepped off the high street into a little oasis of calm.

third trimester aches & pains

With a special offer of £39.95 for your first massage, membership starts at £49.95 a month for one 50-minute massage with added perks including discounted upgrades and the option of splitting your session into two 25-minute massages.

I was asked to fill in a short questionnaire about my health and general wellbeing as well as what I hoped to get out of the experience, before being introduced to my therapist Charlotte, a qualified pre and post-natal therapist. She was keen to know about any specific aches and pains I had – in my case lower back owing to gravity and the weight of my rapidly expanding belly! – and she promised to give these areas particular attention.

She then showed me to our treatment room, which was simple, calm and tranquil and set against a backdrop of relaxing music before leaving me to get unchanged and ready for our massage.

third trimester aches & pains

What does the package actually involve?

I was pleased to discover there was both a long maternity pillow and a bolster cushion for my legs available to ensure the bump and I were properly supported and comfortable throughout our treatment, which started with a ‘fantastic foot treatment’ upgrade.

The treatment, unique to The Massage Company, uses a special massage machine to drive circulation into your feet to improve warmth, mobility, and long-term stiffness – and was so relaxing!

third trimester aches & pains

Starting on one side of my body before moving onto the other, Charlotte then began my massage, taking care to check I was comfy and that the pressure was right for me at regular intervals.

It wasn’t until I was on the massage table and feeling the tension melt away that I realised just how much my body needed this – as mums (and dads) it can be so easy to get caught up in the manic pace of life and looking after little people that you forget to look after yourself, something I’m definitely guilty of – particularly in this pregnancy.

My treatment lasted for 50 minutes and by the end of it it’s fair to say I was very relaxed – although the same can’t be said for the bump, who jumped around throughout and seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves!

My verdict:

I thought my treatment was great value for money and I like the no-frills concept aimed at making massage mainstream. I think it’s so important that we take time out from our busy lives for a spot of self care – whether that’s a massage, gardening, or something else – and The Massage Company helps make this accessible.

The experience reminded me that I need to make more time for myself – and the bump – as the pregnancy comes to an end and I start to slow down. Charlotte left me with a suggested treatment plan following my session – and the perfect excuse to book another massage!

third trimester aches & pains

I was gifted a maternity massage by The Massage Company in exchange for this review. As always all opinions are my own and based on my own honest experience.

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