Hands up who loves scrolling through social media for home interior inspiration?

The thing I love about the start of the year is that feeds are full of décor and design ideas for the year ahead – and a treasure trove of all sorts of things you never knew you needed!

home interior trends

After buying our flat and revamping the bathroom we’re now turning our attention to rest of the property, which boasts a 20+ year old kitchen and bedrooms that haven’t been decorated for the best part of 10 years.

We’re keen to go for a classic but contemporary look that won’t date too quickly, so in this collaborative post I thought it would be fun to share the home interior trends I’m loving so far in 2020 for anyone else planning their own home renovation project this year – and hopefully you can give me some inspiration too!

5 home interior trends I’m loving in 2020

1. Two-tone kitchens

We’re going for coloured cupboards on the bottom and white on top, and I’m loving the two-tone look. Pinterest has a wealth of inspiration and when it comes to colours pretty much anything goes, so you can create a look that’s totally personal to you. We’ve even managed to source cupboards you paint yourself, meaning even the exact shade can be of your own choosing.

home interior trends

2. Blue

It’s been dubbed the new grey and is my all-time favourite colour: 2020 is the year of blue according to interior design experts. Blue was the colour of choice when we had our bathroom done and as we start revamping the rest of our flat blue will definitely feature, so I’m pleased to see it’s still bang on trend!

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Nine. That’s how many rented properties I’ve lived in during my adult life, two of which didn’t have a bath & all but one of which had bathrooms you wouldn’t spend any more time in than you possibly had to I’ve always dreamed of having a bathroom I could actually enjoy spending time in & after YEARS of waiting & storing ideas away it’s finally become a reality Last month we climbed the first rung of the property ladder for the first time & if you’ve been following my insta stories over the last few weeks you’ll know the very first thing we did was Project Bathroom Two weeks later the transformation is complete & to say we’re delighted with the result is an understatement – if you can’t find me from now on you’ll know where I’ll be ‍♀️ (And huge thanks to @oneoftheflatpack for turning our ideas into reality ) #lifegoals #thismamaloves #thingscometothosewhowait #patienceisavirtue #homedecor #bathroomdecor #homeinspo #bathroominspo #myhousebeautiful #myhappycapture #rememberingthesedays #oureverydaymoments #documentyourdays #snaphappybritmums @britmums

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3. Coloured windows

Forget identikit white UPVC windows: coloured windows are no longer the preserve of the super-rich but come as standard through many window companies, including Three Counties Windows who have UPVC windows in colours ranging from cream to slate grey to Chartwell green. And not only can you choose your colour you can also choose your finish too, so like your kitchen you can make the outside of your property totally personal to you.

home interior trends

4. Clocks

Anyone else noticed clocks suddenly making increasing appearances on the Instagram grid? There are some lovely ones out there – I’ve got my eye on a copper-rimmed one that doubles up as a barometer – the only trouble is it comes with an equally lovely price tag too!

home interior trends

5. Fridge walls

Sadly, we don’t have the space for a fridge wall in our flat but I’m loving looking at everyone else’s and one can but dream! Along with statement sinks they’re the latest ‘thing’ apparently – and I can see why! Can you imagine having a fridge big enough to span a whole wall? No more cramming things in on top of one another, no more rooting around to find the tub of leftovers you know is in there somewhere and plenty of space to chill your wine!

home interior trends

Are there any home interior trends you’re loving so far in 2020? I’d love to hear what they are!

This is a collaborative post.

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