Merry Christmas from the Crummy Mummy household!

I tried to get a nice shot of us all to wish you a Merry Christmas but it turns out it’s far easier said than done when you’re outnumbered.

Merry Christmas from Crummy Mummy

Merry Christmas from Crummy Mummy!

First the oldest decided to throw a strop, and then the threenager was on the move. It was at that point that the youngest started to cry, and then when I thought we’d managed to get a half decent picture I realised Little B’s head is blurred. At which point I gave up.

Either way, the chances are by the time you read this I’ll have a glass of something fizzy in my hand (there are no rules on Christmas day, right?)

In any case I’m making up for lost time: this time last year I was seven months pregnant with baby number three so there was no swanning around with bottomless glasses of fizz, more’s the pity.

It’s our first Christmas as a family of five and we’re spending it at home eating, drinking…and eating and drinking a bit more!

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing we wish you a very Merry Christmas – and if you’ve had enough of it all by Boxing Day and are going a bit stir crazy pop back where you’ll find 10 things to do with kids during Twixtmas!

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