They say three is the magic number, and I reckon it is.

I’ve been a mum of three for five months today, and I realised pretty early on I was enjoying it even more than I did the first and second time around.

10 reasons baby number three is the best

I don’t mean baby number three is the best baby, I mean the experience of baby number three is the best. Here’s why.

10 reasons baby number three is the best

1. You know what you’re doing. And you can do it with your eyes closed. So instead of trying to work out whether you’ve got the nappy on properly or whether Gina Ford’s Contented Little Baby book is actually the work of the devil as you suspect it might be, you just get on with things and trust your instincts.

2. There’s more time to enjoy your baby. Because you’re not wasting time worrying about Gina Ford you’ve got more time to enjoy just being a mum.

3. You know just how quickly it all goes, so you savour the moment more. The first few newborn weeks, the months before they’re on the move, the first time they roll over.

4. You know just how quickly maternity leave goes too, so you make sure you make the most of it. Like eating cake for breakfast and watching daytime TV.

5. Jabs are no big deal. Instead of worrying about them beforehand, planning life around them and clearing the diary for days afterwards just in case, you only remember you’ve got them because the surgery sends you a text and you pitch up, get them done and forget about it.

6. Rashes are no big deal. Spots that used to have you rushing to a baby book or the internet for advice now have you peering at them and deciding it’s almost certainly nothing to worry about.

7. You completely forget about things you’re supposed to worry about. Like the cats. With baby number one I shut the cats out of our bedroom at night until BB moved to a bedroom of her own, and even bought a cat net for her cot. With baby number three it was four months before I realised we’d never even thought to shut the bedroom door. Goodness only knows where the cat net is.

8. You don’t worry about timings. Like whether they’ll need a feed when you’re out and where you’ll do it, or whether they’ll need a nappy change when you’re out and where you’ll do that. These thoughts don’t even enter your head. You just go out.

9. You don’t worry about a routine. Because there isn’t one – they just have to go along with what’s already happening.

10. You’ve got reinforcements. By the time baby number three arrives the chances are your other two are old enough to help. Fetching nappies, passing the wipes & playing with the baby while you make the tea – having little people around is really rather handy!

10 reasons baby number three is the best

Do you have three or more children? Did you enjoy things more third time around? I’d love to hear your experience!

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