Miscarriage care campaignJust two weeks in there’s a victory in the next phase of Mumsnet’s Miscarriage Care Campaign: following a live webchat with mums last week shadow health secretary Andy Burnham MP has pledged to include better miscarriage care in Labour’s 2015 manifesto.

At first I wasn’t sure if victory was the right word to describe the commitment – the cynic in me asks what good being included in Labour’s manifesto will actually do – but the fact is that without Mumsnet raising the profile of this issue and without mums like me sharing our first-hand experiences and demanding action this wouldn’t have happened. So in my book that’s a victory.

As the campaign gains momentum Mumsnet has released a video illustrating the need to get miscarriage care on the political agenda.


Please take a look and help support the campaign by tweeting the following three politicians and asking for their support:

Hi @jeremy_hunt, @andyburnhammp & @normanlamb please pledge to improve #miscarriagecare https://tiny.mn/1xUnSpQ https://tiny.mn/1sbGQYv

If you don’t use Twitter, you can send an email to the politicians instead.