And she’s off! Just days after turning nine months old Littlest B has finally mastered the art of crawling, and therefore makes #MySundayPhoto with her obligatory milestone card this week! Although I’m loving charting each new milestone with our gorgeous cards from Eleanor Mary Designs I’m only too aware we’re more than half way through them now, and by the time Littlest B turns one in three months time there’ll be no more cards left. Boo hoo! But back to the crawling: there’s no stopping her now and we need eyes in the back of our heads – literally. With a six year old and a three year old I thought our house was already pretty childproof, but it turns out the list of possible hazards is rather lengthy. So guess what I’ll be doing this week. Are you the owner of a crawler at the moment? How are you getting on now they’re on the move?

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