There’s a moral to the story behind #MySundaySnapshot this week: when kids go quiet something fishy is afoot. I left the house for 20 minutes to collect the older one from Brownies one evening this week, leaving Misery Guts to put the younger two to bed, and came back to find the pair of them covered in pink lipstick. I kid you not, it was everywhere. They’d somehow got their hands on a stick of the really nasty oily stuff you get with kids’ magazines and smeared it all over not only over themselves (feet included) but all over their (white) bedroom furniture. Seriously, this picture doesn’t do it justice. It was so bad the younger one actually looked like Princess Poppy from the Trolls. There was a lot of explaining to do at nursery the next day and it took two days for their skin to return to its normal colour. When I asked Misery Guts how on earth they managed to make that much mess without him noticing he said they’d gone quiet so he thought they were asleep. So the moral of the story is when kids go quiet the chances are something bad is probably happening – that and don’t leave daddy in charge, or our daddy anyway!

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