Week 26Week: 26

Waist: 37 inches (-1 inch)

Feeling: Still chickeny

Oddly, my waist measures a whole inch less than it did a week ago. And I’m sure I measured it correctly. The only explanation I have for this is that I last took a measurement the day after our wedding anniversary, when I indulged in a portion (or two) of black forest trifle. So I’m blaming the trifle.

On the subject of food, we might be in the midst of a heatwave but my penchant for chicken soup is showing no signs of abating. I’m still craving the stuff, and my stomach rumbles as I pour a whole carton into a pan and wait for it to heat up.

Luckily I’m not one of those people who suffers in the heat (my hands are always cold no matter what the weather is doing, perfect for making pastry, apparently) and living on the coast we have a constant sea breeze. But I do feel for anyone living in the dry heat of a city with a baby on board. Especially if they’re craving chicken soup.

Speaking of which, is it lunchtime yet?