We all know pregnancy changes your body, but what I didn’t appreciate was how much it would change my diet.

Things I used to eat everyday – like avocadoes – make my stomach turn whereas things it would never occur to me to buy if I wasn’t pregnant – like quiche – make my tummy growl.

Pregnancy cravings & what they REALLY mean

So what does it all mean? Why do we crave one thing, and totally go off another?

I’ve taken my top 5 pregnancy cravings and done a little (highly unscientific) research into what might be causing them – apart from pure greed of course!

Pregnancy cravings & what they REALLY mean

1: Sugary carbohydrates. If it’s beige and contains more than 50% sugar then I want it. Belgian buns are a particular fave – you know the ones: with currants in, icing on top and a big fat cherry. I’ve even been known to eat two in a row.

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Cause: Apparently craving sugary carbohydrates is down to hormonal changes ‘affecting scent and taste perception’. So there’s nothing you can do about it. Which makes scoffing two Belgian buns in a row ok, right?

2: Pickles. I love pickles. Pickled beetroot, pickled onions, pickled gherkins – I’ll eat them straight out of the jar. But when I’m expecting this penchant takes on a whole new level.

Cause: Some research suggests women who crave pickles are low in sodium, but apparently there’s no actual proof. On the up side, apart from being a bit antisocial, at least they don’t contain many calories.

3: Crisps – the saltier the better. A bit like the Belgian buns, if they’re beige and have zero nutritional benefit then I want them.

Cause: Like the pickles, crisps are loaded with salt and some experts suggest women who crave crisps are low in sodium.

4: Yellow fruit. Tinned mandarins, pineapple and satsumas are all fruits it would never normally occur to me to reach for – I’d even go as far as to say I don’t even like pineapple. But when I’m expecting I can’t get enough.

Cause: You’re growing a baby so your body needs extra nutrients – Vitamin C being one of them. Some people also say if you crave acidic citrus fruits you’re expecting a girl (you’ll have to check back in nine weeks or so to see if that one’s true or not!)

5: Ice. Ice is the only thing I’ve ever found to relieve morning sickness. I’d never normally put ice in drinks but when I’m pregnant the colder I can make a drink the better – and I eat it too.

Cause: No-one seems to know. Which isn’t very helpful. At least it doesn’t contain any calories.

Did you or your partner have any specific cravings in pregnancy? What’s the weirdest craving you’ve ever come across?

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