Last year I wrote a post about 5 reasons Mother’s Day is a bad idea.

This year, one more baby and a lot less sleep later, I’ve got 5 more reasons Mother’s Day is a bad idea.

More reasons Mother's Day is a bad idea

What with desperate dads, over excited kids and the realisation that the day probably isn’t going to be quite what you imagined as you stroked your bump I do think it’s got the potential to be a recipe for disaster.

More reasons Mother’s Day is a bad idea

1. You’re more disappointed than usual when the simplest things don’t happen. Like your first cup of tea being cold. Again. Is it too much to ask to be able to wake up to – and actually drink – a hot cup of tea just once a year? Apparently so. My hopes are now on my birthday – which is in 5 months time.

More reasons Mother's Day is a bad idea 1

2. Once the kids reach school age the chance of a lie in goes out of the window with the hot tea thanks to the Dreaded Clubs. For us it’s swimming at 8.30am on a Sunday morning, requiring one of us to take BB and the other to stay at home with Little B and Littlest B. Oh joy.

3. What bright spark decided to coincide Mother’s Day with the day the clocks go forward? Not only do the kids end up over tired owing to the making of cards, keeping of secrets and general anticipation, the chances are the tiredness will be exacerbated by the changing of the clocks. That lost hour has a lot to answer for.

More reasons Mother's Day is a bad idea 3

4. Mother’s Day has turned us into That Family. A year ago Misery Guts and I exchanged meaningful glances when we witnessed a mum meltdown of epic proportions on Mothering Sunday. This year the boot was on the other foot, except it was Misery Guts who had a dad meltdown instead. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it involved a two-year-old who does the total opposite of what you ask him.

5. You end up doing double the housework. If your other half is anything like mine, when they say ‘don’t worry, I’ll do everything today’ what they actually mean is they’ll look after the kids. Nothing else will get done, which means you’ll have double the housework to do the next day. Just what you wanted for Mother’s Day.

If I sound ungrateful I apologise – I haven’t slept through the night since Littlest B arrived on Valentine’s Day and I’m now functioning on wine and (cold) tea.

What did you do this Mother’s Day? Was it all you hoped it would be, or are you glad it’s now business as usual?

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