Baby-led weaning recipesI’ve suffered my triannual anxiety attack in which I fear we’ve come to rely too much on sausages and potato waffles and the same meals on the same day of each week.

In a fit of renewed I-must-get-more-vegetables-into-BB I went in search of a new cookbook featuring meals I know she requests seconds of at nursery (when her little friends are sat beside her happily tucking in) like spaghetti carbonara and chicken curry but won’t touch with a barge pole at home.

Nestled between the River Cottage baby and toddler cookbook with quinoa this and spelt that (too poncey pretentious for me) and the obligatory Annabel Karmel recipes (always far too time consuming) I found The Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book by Felicity Bertin and Emma Ogden-Hooper.

As an advocate of baby-led weaning but with a toddler who now refuses to suck the tips from a tree of broccoli or peel the layers off a sprout I discovered a book packed full of normal, simple family recipes like cottage pie and fish cakes all with a healthy portion of ‘hidden’ veg.

The spaghetti carbonara is mixed with finely chopped broccoli and the Bolognese has a handful of spinach stirred through – just the ticket. Of course the proof is in the pudding and so far I’ve made the carbonara and the chicken curry (pictured).

I couldn’t believe it: BB sucked the spaghetti in, broccoli and all, and asked for seconds of the chicken curry recipe I had quartered, convinced there was no point making the full batch because it would languish in the freezer for months on end before eventually being chucked out.

Even better, each recipe comes with a second what-to-do-with-the-leftovers recipe, and you’re not left with any waste at all. So if you’re in need of some culinary inspiration toddler-wise buy this book (rrp: £9.99).

I can’t recommend it enough.