Remember remember ear defendersIt didn’t even occur to me to kit BB out with ear defenders ahead of our annual fireworks display this weekend, and this is the result (pictured). She spent almost the entire 25 minutes with her head buried in Misery Guts’ chest, peeping out every now and again only to shut her eyes even more tightly and bury herself even more deeply.

I’m not sure why I didn’t consider that a toddler, safely encompassed in ear defenders, might enjoy a visual show more than a popping and banging one, but I didn’t. Perhaps because the last time we ventured to such an event BB was barely three months old, papoosed and firmly strapped to her daddy’s chest (pictured), and did nothing but stare – silently – in wonder.

Remember remember ear defenders 1

So if you’re off to see the fireworks this week, think on. They might only be used once or twice (unless you’re festival types), but ear defenders could be the difference between a memorable family night out and scarring the child for life.