Getting teenagers away from screens is a battle that many modern parents face.

This becomes even harder in wintertime when it’s cold outdoors, and staying inside in the warm is much more appealing.

ways to encourage teens outside

Yet getting outside is great for teenagers: it can make sure they get more exercise and fresh air, boost their mental health and immune systems, help them to socialise, and encourage good habits for the future.

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If you’re reading this because you’re wondering how to drag a teen or tween away from the sofa this winter in this collaborative post here are some top tips!

Simple ways to encourage teens outside in cold weather

Make sure they can keep warm

Being outdoors in the cold is unpleasant. Making sure your kids have good winter coats and shoes, as well as accessories like hats and gloves to keep warm will help to make going outside more tempting and keep them healthy. Teens can be more image-conscious than younger children, so you might want to bear their tastes in mind, and shop with them, instead of for them.

ways to encourage teens outside

Find family traditions

Teenagers aren’t always as keen to spend time with their parents as younger children. But having fun family traditions can help you bond, keep doing things together year after year, and give you a way to get everyone outdoors together. Simple traditions can be especially useful if you foster with Orange Grove Foster Care in Essex, as they give you a positive way to welcome new children to the family.

Try things like weekend family hikes and scavenger hunts, as well as seasonal activities like pumpkin picking and sledging.

Invite their friends

If your teenagers are reluctant to attend family events, ask if they’d like to invite a friend, and try to give them some space to enjoy time together and a little independence.

ways to encourage teens outside

Be their taxi

As teenagers get older it’s normal for them to want to spend more time with their friends. You might not enjoy driving them about, but if it helps them to get out of the house, socialise, and spend time outdoors, being their taxi driver might be worthwhile. You might also find that they talk to and confide in you during the time that you spend in the car.

ways to encourage teens outside

Suggest activities

Teenagers can feel a little lost. They might think that they are too old to enjoy childish activities, like building snowmen and playing in the playground, but they are still too young to go too far from home alone or enjoy more adult adventures.

Suggest things that they could do, either with you or their friends. Things like local hikes, ice skating, playing football, and visiting outdoor attractions.

Go for a winter hike

Family hikes are a great way to spend time together and a chance to get some exercise. Being in nature is great for your mental health. Make sure your teen has got good winter boots, and head out on an adventure together. Make the most of their smartphone obsession by getting them to track routes and take photos along the way.

ways to encourage teens outside

This is a collaborative post.

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